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Bring your Web Site to life with a Video

Presenting your care service with video creates a direct relationship with potential clients. It makes them feel at ease when they know more about the people they are dealing with. A video will give a real sense and understanding of the services you provide.

Our team will spend 3 or 4 hours at your Home/business

Your video can also incorporate real life testimonials from your service users, their relatives and your staff. They are an invaluable marketing tool, achieved by asking questions which are designed to prompt positive responses from from the people being interviewed.

Once filming is completed, the video is edited by our skilled technicians who will carefully edit your production and add, where required, music, voice overs and graphics to create a professional looking production.

Once your video is completed it can be turned into a DVD for sending to potential clients. It will also be incorporated into your own website and can also be made available on You Tube, Google Videos and Facebook.

Below is an example of one of our recent videos.